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Nancy Adams Poster30th May - 24th June 2022 

Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley LE10 1QU

9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday
Exhibition by Nancy Adams - BA (Hons) Creative Practice

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period and Louise Bourgeois, my aim is to convey feelings and emotions many women experience relating to Menopause, through my own self-portraiture and art. 


The Shell, provoking feelings of Isolation and hiding secrets, can take any form as a protective layer; skin, eyes, an empty expression, a room, or anything which can act as a barrier, or mask true feelings. Menopause is very much under-represented being a “taboo” subject. It is not considered to be an illness but research indicates there are over 30 different symptoms most of  which lead to illnesses, and 73% of the female population with symptoms don’t seek treatment, suffering in silence!  

Spring, Springs and other things posterMon 21st March - Mon 4th April 2022
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

Every Monday to Saturday 1-am-3pm

An inspirational exhibition and sale of work by Tony Cole 

Download A4 poster
here... (PDF 2MB)

Preview Fri 18th Feb 3-4pm
19th & 20th Feb 2022

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

A showcase of artwork created by Escape art groups,
inspired by lost train station luggage

Download poster
here... (PDF 2.5MB)

LNR Mind the Gap Project


Sat 29th Jan until Sun 13th Feb 2022 

The Station Gallery Nuneaton Train Station 

Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays & Sundays 

10am - 4pm 

An exhibition of art work by Art Alert members in response to Lockdown.




25th 26th and 27th June 2021

St Botolph’s, Burton Hastings CV11 6XT


Children’s Stories and Nursery Rhymes

Church open 10.30am – 4.30pm Saturday and Sunday.


Friday 25th June at 7.30pm Preview and grand opening by local author Rosie Goodwin

Preview tickets £10 include glass of Prosecco and light refreshments


26th June at 7.30pm: Jazz evening with Holder & Smith Held in Reg and Sheila Gomm’s paddock;
chairs will be available Bring your picnic and gazebo if you wish.

Tickets £10 per person, £12 at the gate Accompanied children age 14 and under free

Social distancing will apply.


Art at the Festival in conjunction with Art Alert Nuneaton


Raffle, plant, cake, white elephant, book stalls

If you have something to donate, please contact Shirley

We hope you can support this local event which is in aid of the church and extension.

For tickets, please contact Shirley Bower 07931 318013

or email Anne Dickinson


Following on from our Klimt and February success we thought we’d have a go at a bit of both.

Our aim is to make a collage of things you find on the beach; shells, rocks, pools whatever.

Every type of medium welcome.


To make the composition easier, each piece should be 4 x 4 inches.



Individual items will be posted on Facebook. The composite will be completed at the end of March 2021.

LOTS of Fs.

To keep up our spirits and profile let’s flood our Facebook with ‘f’ s.

Fotos, fabric, fauvism, figurative… 

The aim is to have a new image / collage every day on a subject beginning with F.

Some ideas: fairy, food, finesse, foreshortening, found object, fabric, fire, fir tree, foot, face, factory, flower, fog, fine liner, felt.


Please send images to


Hopefully we can flood Facebook with Fs

Were you a patient or staff member at the Manor Hospital?

Local artist Spencer Jenkins is asking 'Do you have a story to share"?
Your stories will inform a public artwork!

More info here...

Klimt - Last with a Fan
January 2021. Sixteen Art Alert members each take a piece of Gustav Klimt's 'Lady with Fan' to create a composite image. See the results here...!




Monty McCory's Christmas StoryHere's a great success for Art Alert member Hilary Morris - what a brilliant achievement in these difficult times. 

Hilary and her good friend Maggie Mather, have produced a children's  book – ‘Monty McCory's Christmas Story’.
Maggie wrote the book in verse, and Hilary illustrated it. It is their first joint venture and is selling well on 

They have a stall at the Craft Market at "Saints" Cafe in Nuneaton on Saturday, 12th December from 12.00 till 4.00pm. It promises to be a great event in a lovely old building, so if you can, please come along!



October 8Eight prompts spaced out over four weeks with an Autumn theme.
You could have a go at 8 pieces of work or just one which captures the atmosphere of this time of year.

We start with the famous Keats poem, Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
To bend with apples the moss'd cottage-trees,
And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;
To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells
With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,
And still more, later flowers for the bees,
Until they think warm days will never cease,
For Summer has o'er-brimm'd their clammy cells.


John Keats 


Perhaps still life taking one aspect of the poem?
Or following the ideas of other artists?   

October 1A 

October Prompt 2

October 2


I saw old Autumn in the misty morn 


Stand shadowless like Silence, listening 


To silence, for no lonely bird would sing 


Into his hollow ear from woods forlorn, 


Nor lowly hedge nor solitary thorn; 


Shaking his languid locks all dewy bright 

With tangled gossamer that fell by night, 


Pearling his coronet of golden corn.



Thomas Hood

For Inspiration...
Misty Morning - Sisley


Morning Haze - Monet


Morning - Corot


Norham Castle - Turner

The Gleaners - John Constable

October Prompt 3

October prompt 3Morning is over and hopefully if it stops raining we’ll get some amazing sunsets!


“Autumn sunsets exquisitely dying”

Aldous Huxley from The ninth philosophers song.


For inspiration…

Sir William MacTaggart - Frosty Sunset, Humbie

Samuel Palmer - Harvest Moon

Bonnard - Sunset

Turner - The Scarlet Sunset

Edvard Munch - The Sun


October Prompt 4

October Prompt 4“We plough the fields and scatter”

 Matthias Claudius


Not that I ever knew who wrote the poem! But I do have vivid memories of harvest festival and the singing of the hymn.

And have a look at these artists.


Norman Rockwell – Thanksgiving: Mother and Son Peeling Potatoes

Johannes Vermeer - The Milkmaid

Jean Francois Millet - The Angelus

Van Gogh - The Potato Eaters

Florist Van Dijk - Still Life with Cheese


October Prompt 5

October Prompt 5“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace

            As I have seen in one autumnal face.”


Elegy IX. The Autumnal. John Donne


For inspiration…

Mary Cassat - Autumn

Picasso - Paysages a deux figures

Renoir - Young Blonde woman


Or have a go at something really different and try

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Summer and Autumn

October Prompt 6

October Prompt 6“In other gardens

And all up in the vale,

From the autumn bonfires

See the smoke trail!”

Autumn Fires. Robert Louis Stevenson


For further inspiration have a look at…

Singer Sargeant - Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

Winslow Homer - Campfire

Cezanne - The gardener, Vallier 

Millais - Autumn leaves

O Vaering - Bonfire of garden rubbish


October Prompt 7

October Prompt 7We’re nearly there. Time to plan for winter.


“How well I know what I mean to do when the long dark evenings come”

Robert Browning. By the fireside


For further inspiration try…

Frau Beim Brotbracken - Jean Francois Millet

The Fireside - Pieter de Hooch

Jenny at home - Victoria Crowe



October Prompt 8

October Prompt 8Halloween

Tiny goblins running 'round

Some in mother's dressing gown.

Witches cackle with delight

Was there ever such a night,

In this hallowed little town.


With permission from the poet, Richard Breese, posted in 2015


For inspiration…

Munch - The dance of life

Bacon - Study after Velazquez portrait of Pope Innocent X

Waterhouse - The Magic Circle

J. C. Leyendecker - Bobbing for apples

Rockwell - Halloween


Hope you’ve enjoyed the prompts.

Pam and Viv 


A chance to see the world in letters.

Starting Monday June 1st 2020, Pam and I thought it would be fun to see letters in everyday household objects and the garden.  You could take a photo, draw, model, whatever really. (Click on letter to see larger image)

                A                                B                                C                                  D

                E                                       F                                       G                                       H

                 I                                    J                                     K                                        L

                   M                                   N                                       O                                       P

               MNOP                                     Q                                    R                                         S

                   T                                     U                                    V                                              W

                    X                                            Y                                               Z


Garden Sketchbook ChallengeMay 2020. You are welcome to join Art Alert in its next lockdown challenge. Our gardens are looking lovely but sadly we aren’t able to visit each other. So we are offering a chance to do some sketching from shared photos. If you are interested in being involved, please contact for more information.


Lockdown Artshare BookletA Lockdown Artshare project.
For a look at the booklet that was produced from all the artwork,
go here
or d
ownload a PDF (7MB) here

Day 1(Video) Day 1 : I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Sunshine, waves, cliffs, ice cream, sand in the sandwiches, candy floss.


Day 2

(Video) Day 2 : The Garden Today

The weeds in the lawn (though less likely this year than at any other time), a famous garden you love, your greenhouse lit up at night, flowers in bloom or the birds collecting for nests, etc.


Day 3

(Video) Day 3 : Birds

Of a feather, “The Birds”, crows, robins, nesting time in spring, that seagull that pinched your chips.


Day 4(Video) Day 4 : The Pantry

Toilet rolls, if you have any, (and I guess it depends where you keep them) or carrots - which are even harder to find! Baking equipment. The old fashioned larder or the new larder fridge. Having fun with digital or being clear with watercolour.


Day 5(Video) Day 5 : Favourite Decade

The decade you were born in? Which clothes do you like the most? Music? When was life simple and good? You can’t beat the advances in modern technology. You’ve never had it so good.


Day 6(Video) Day 6 : Black and White

Or read all over, the cracker joke that came up every Christmas when I was a child. A touch of Bridget Riley? Make your own black? Felt pen. A Van Gogh sketch? Or back to the pantry drawings?


Day 7(Video) Day 7 : Things That Go Bump In The Night

Those books that slipped, the cats outside, Lon Chaney, all the places that work 24/7, the space station, who knows what that noise was!


Day 8(Video) Day 8 : A Film I Like

Casablanca? Mary Poppins? Mamma Mia? Beauty and the Beast?


Day 9(Video) Day 9 : In The Style Of…

Your chance to paint/ draw/ whatever in the style of an artist you like. I have been surprised to learn how many famous artists learned by mimicking the approach of others: Van Gogh, Raphael and Picasso to name a few. This is your chance to have a go, though I do think Malevich’s black square could be cheating.


Day 10(Video) Day 10 : Something Good About Friday

The choice is yours: remembrance of that last afternoon lesson at school, the weekend feeling, the sunshine today, a special weekend, hot cross buns

Day 11

(Video) Day 11 : Baking Day

A reprise on hot cross buns, or something sweeter like Simnel cake. Broken wooden spoons from banging on pans of a Thursday night. KitchenAid. Or memories of things past like when I was a child and baking day was always Wednesday: egg and bacon pie, corned beef and potato pie, apple pie and maids of honour.


Day 12(Video) Day 12 : Eggsetera

Ok, when we thought of this we didn’t realise that it might be hard to get Easter eggs! My older grandchildren are quite put out cos theirs  haven’t arrived and a Simnel cake isn’t quite the same!  So… whatever spells Easter, special holidays, childhood memories of same, or even decorate a hard-boiled egg. My great aunt Min once made me one with hat and ear rings. This was the height of sophistication and much better than boiling them in onion skins and then ending up with a hard-boiled egg with that strange purple layer in the inside.


Day 13(Video) Day 13 : Family

Often a challenge in one way or another. Close or distant or the family of important friends. Old sepia photos, childhood memories, how you like to spend time with family, a history you belong to: the family tree.


Day 14(Video) Day 14 : Spring

The rites of, Primavera, boxing hares, or bluebells in the wood. Perhaps it’s time to catch up on the cleaning? Or, to put a bounce in your step.

Day 15(Video) Day 15 : A Special Place
This is a hard one for me. Is it my favourite bridge from North Queensferry, that I’ve painted again and again. Is it Old Hartlepool, where I came from. Kate Adie knows there are two Hartlepools, even if most of the world doesn’t. Or is it Porthmeor Beach in St Ives?


Day 16(Video) Day 16 : Primary Colours (with White)
Pick one red, one yellow, one blue, tint as needed with white and off you go. Well we’re over half way today. Remember do as much or as little as you like. This is a marathon not a sprint. Not that I could ever run either! That book by Anon? The Early Learning Tape I used to play in the car to my youngest where the words are still grooved into my brain: roses, seas and daffodils!



Day 17(Video) Day 17 : Children

This is a real challenge because, like many of you, I haven’t seen any for a while. Social media does not replace a cuddle! Anyway, your own children, what you remember from childhood, sepia pictures of parents and grandparents, what children do, Joyce Grenfell and Sidney being a cauliflower. Mum and Aunty Nelly are pictured.


Day 18(Video) Day 18 : Time

Mmm… Looking for inspiration here! Rainy day and time on your hands. The film, “About Time”, with Bill Nighy, my favourite. I saw him once in the Courtauld Gallery. He is a big fan of Soutine. I managed to behave properly! Just! Dali’s dripping clocks or Alice’ s struggles with the white rabbit. That great film from Paris where the lad lives inside a clock, or the art film where every minute is represented by a new film clip with the clock/ watch’s hand ticking.


Day 19(Video) Day 19 : Collage

Glue pots at the ready. Apparently the term was first coined by Braque and Picasso, and comes from the French word coller , meaning to glue. I wouldn’t have thought that! So Matisse, or the more extravagant Rauschenberg or one of my modern favourites, Mark Hearld. Make your own papers, cut up photos, snip from magazines, whatever.


Day 20(Video) Day 20 : Fantasy

1950s Eagle Comic, Dan Dare talking to people on a small portable screen. Today we live in that fantasy! Or, while I was looking at local plant sources, I came across a guy who writes fictional comment on local villages. I took a while to work out it was fantasy but apparently the village I live in has a cat herding competition four times a year. Or Darkover, one of my favourite science fiction series, or a touch of Disney. The choice is yours.


Day 21(Video) Day 21 : Something In Front Of You

The tele. Your feet. Your favourite cat or dog. A lovely cup of tea. The chocolate egg that’s left over. Your art materials. Or as I write this, my iPad and the window

Day 22(Video) Day 22 : Patterns

Knitting and sewing? Types of behaviour? Taking a line for a walk? The blocky shapes I had to make in tapestry in primary school ( I was never very advanced when it came to needle and thread). Annie Albers. Bridget Riley. Klimt. Yayoi Kusama. Or have a play with colour and shape.

Day 23

(Video) Day 23 : Printing With Unusual Objects

Today’s challenge is to try something completely different ( or not depending on what your favourite approach is to art).


Day 24(Video) Day 24 : Drawing From A Shadow

From the silhouette drawings of bygone times to the interwoven shapes of trees, what ideas do shadows create for us? A bold figure, a wild monster or the patterns thrown by this Naum Gabo sculpture.

Day 25(Video) Day 25 : Who Am I?

The way I feel, this subject should be “and what day is this?”, since they seem to have lost meaning. However, who are you these days? What have you learned about yourself?  What do you look like with uncut hair? (or in some cases like mine the fashionable chopped look). What is at the top of your mind for this day? A portrait? Your favourite objects? The people who matter to you? Your feelings? Your choice.

Day 26(Video) Day 26 : A Favourite Book
If you’re a reader it will be difficult to pick one. Is it “Mary Mouse and the Dolls House”, the book I learned to read first, non pc though it is. Or, “Anne of Green Gables”, I have a grandchild named after one of its characters. Or  “Primary Colours” about the corruption in politics, mild it seems now compared to what goes on these days. In one way it’s a shame it’s a sunny day and the garden is calling, cos I could spend my day just working out the answer to this question. One thing is certain, it will be interesting seeing everyone’s choices.

Day 27(Video) Day 27 : Drinks

That radio 2 favourite, “do you like pina coladas”? The morning cup of coffee or a cup of tea with friends, online these days of course. A sunny evening in the garden? Champagne to celebrate. Or a touch of Hopper?

Day 28(Video) Day 28 : Mixed Media

Now this is serendipity. I’ve just been looking at Facebook and came across a post with glue, salt and watercolour and was thinking that I’d have to use this method for my late entry from yesterday, a margarita: a drink I’d tried in Sandiago after visiting Bloomingdales. You’d need to have watched Friends to have a clue what I’m writing about! Enough! So mix it up: fabric, glue, touch of collage, glass, metal, wood, pebbles shells. The choice of subject is yours. Mixed media necklace: paper, glue, paint, wood, metal, thread.


Day 29(Video) Day 29 : Nursery Rhyme

One of the good old fashioned ones or one of the modern more eco-friendly variety. We have sung these so often they are etched into our brains; in my case, at a time of life when I’m more likely to remember “Mary, Mary” than where I left my cup of tea!


Day 30(Video) Day 30 : Through The Window

It’s the last day of April. We’ve made it. The weather has picked up so a bit of fresh air is called for. I want to thank everyone for taking part. It’s been lovely to have so much interest and involvement. Of an evening, I have really enjoyed seeing the work coming up in WhatsApp and reading the comments. Hopefully there will come a time not too distant when we can see each other’s work in reality as well as online. I guess this is very familiar to all of us these days. Some artists, more famous than we are, also enjoyed window paintings: Hopper, Bonnard and Cy Twombly to name a few



Art Alert Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

ry some print techniques at our guided Print Sessions!

Workshops are limited to 8 people, booking is essential.

We ask for a £5 donation towards refreshments and materials.

For more details contact the session leader.

suspended until further notice


Anne Taylor


Alisha Miller


Anne Taylor


Corinne Davies


Anne Taylor


Mel Beech


Mel Beech


Alisha Miller


Corinne Davies


Corinne Davies



suspended until further notice

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


I am pleased to be offering a series of three, 2-hour life drawing classes on Thursday evenings at The Station Gallery in the next few weeks.


I am really pleased to be working with Paul, an experienced professional male life model.

I will be teaching short dynamic drawing poses. I will supply dry media, such as charcoal, pastel, pencil, fine line pen, felt tips etc... Please bring your own sketch books or drawing boards, easels and paper if you wish to stand.


All sessions will start at 7pm and finish at 9pm with a short refreshment break in between. Please come early to set up your easel of you wish to use one - the room will be open from 6.30pm. The classes are for all abilities and will be aimed at drawing and observational practice.


Cost £25 each session. 

Places are limited and are booking up fast, please book early and pay in advance of the first session. You can book individual sessions or all three. Please contact me direct to arrange booking and payment.  


Alisha Miller – 07876 118474


An Inspirational Exhibition & Sale by Tony Cole

suspended until further notice

Station Gallery, Platform 1, Nuneaton Train Station


Open to view at the Station Gallery, Platform 1 Nuneaton Train Station,

From Friday 20th March until Sat 4th April 2020.

Every Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm.



Opening Fri 14th Feb 2020 at 1:30pm

Station Gallery, Platform 1, Nuneaton Train Station


A collection of mixed media collages, sculptures and poetry.

PLUS – poetry & performances on the platform!


Open 10am-4pm every Saturday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

From Saturday 15th until Saturday 29th February 2020.

we look forward to welcoming you.



Mon 20th Jan 2020, 10 til 2

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


Come and have a go at creating images from a collagraph plate.

Please bring lunch and any images that inspire you.

Limited spaces; to book please contact:

07792 053757



Sat 7th Dec, 10:00 – Sat 21st Dec 2019, 16:00

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

David's first solo exhibition at The Station Gallery, with a wonderful collection of paintings to be seen.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am-4pm.



4th November - 3rd December 2019

The Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


An exhibition of artwork produced by local artists

Inspired by George Eliot's words


Curated by Nuneaton artist Alisha Miller.


2019 is the bicentenary of the birth of George Eliot in Nuneaton

on 22nd November 


Opening times

10am - 4pm November 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th,12th,16th and 25th. December 3rd (1pm - 4pm only)

10am - 1pm November 6th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th - 23rd, 26th, 29th and December 2nd.


November 18th, 27th, 28th and 30th.



Mon 21st October 10am-2pm
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

Come and have a go at creating images from a collagraph plate.
Please bring lunch and any images that inspire you.


To book, please email Mel:



Starting Friday 1st November 10:00-12:00

Men in Sheds Community Hub, George Eliot Hospital


Come along and try your hand at woodwork within a relaxed taught session open to all abilities from total beginner upwards.

£3.00 per session. Have fun, make new friends and be creative over a cuppa.


For more information or to reserve a place call; Corinne Davies on 07792 053757

or email or


Follow directions on the map, or call the group on 07957 111508 to be met on arrival.



21st and 22nd September 2019

20 venues, over 100 artists and 11 groups




Nuneaton: Central

    1.  Abbey Church Hall Manor Court Rd Nuneaton CV11 5HU

    2.  Cedar House CV11 5HP

    3.  Chetwynd House The Parade Off Prince's Street Nuneaton CV11 5NR

    4.  Greenmoor Community Allotments CV10 7EN

    5.  Heritage Centre CV11 4LU

    6.  Nuneaton Library CV11 4DR

    7.  Rope Walk Chapel St Nuneaton CV11 5TZ

    8.  The Station Gallery CV11 4BU


Nuneaton: North

    9. Caldecote Village Hall CV10 0TS

  10. Nuneaton North Scout HQ CV10 0HN

  11.  42 Ramsden Avenue CV10 9EB

  12. The Anchor Inn Mancetter Road Hartshill CV10 0RT

  13. 248 Weddington Road CV10 0ER


Nuneaton: South

  14.  26 Wisteria Way Bermuda Park Nuneaton CV10 7SS



  15. All Saints Church Bedworth CV12 8NH

  16. Bedworth Arts Centre CV12 8NF

  17. Bedworth Library CV12 8NF

  18. Mill Street Methodist Church Bedworth CV12 8JZ



 19. Owen Street Community Arts Centre Atherstone CV9 1DG



  20. The Studio At The Old Granary Fillongley CV7 8PB


Monday 19thAugust 2019 11am-2pm
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


We will be creating monoprints using a variety of techniques on ready prepared plates.

We will be working mainly with dry materials e.g. water soluble crayons and pencils and some water colour paints

Masking areas on a plate with solid shapes of paper cut outs

Masking areas with a variety of materials– net, lace, scrim, string etc

n.b. we will be using water-based materials, it will still be messy so -

Please bring an apron

Any ideas, pictures, sketches for inspiration

Small amounts of fabric and paper of various textures, also bubble wrap, cling film

Any water soluble crayons and pencils

Notebook/sketchbook and pencils

Newspaper/rags for cleaning up

We ask for a donation of £5 towards materials and refreshments.



30-Jun to 13-Jul 2019

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


Exhibition of artwork by two local artists inspired by Greenmoor Road allotments through the seasons.


Exhibition Launch: 30th June 12-3pm.


Exhibition open- every day 10am-2pm Monday 1stJuly to Saturday 13thJuly (closed 7thJuly)

Drop In & Draw– come and join in still life drawing of allotment produce and gardening paraphernalia.

Lunch & Sketch– Greenmoor Road Allotments, 7thJuly from mid-day (bring your own lunch & art materials)


For more info, contact:

Tracey Swain 07525 805446



Sunday 23rd June 2019, 2-4pm
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station CV11 4BU


A second opportunity for you to meet the Open Arts Trail team and other artists. You can:

  • ask questions
  • get help finding a venue
  • get help with registration


If you wish, bring a piece of your art with you!

The Open Arts Trail Team

22nd & 23rd September 2019



8th & 9th June 2019

The Dixie Grammar School Hall, Station Rd, Market Bosworth, CV13 0LE

Now inviting submissions for an open art exhibition as part of the Market Bosworth Summer Festival.

Each artist can submit up to THREE pieces of work.

Submit entries as soon as you can as space is limited.
The link below takes you to this year's entry form…


Last year's exhibition was really popular with 80 artists showing their work, 242 pieces of art, 806 visitors, 34 sales and £2325 income for local artists.

Enquiries & completed forms to:

Tel: 01455 290799

Monday 20th May 2019 11am - 4pm
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

We will be creating monoprints using a variety of techniques e.g;

 ∙ Drawing directly onto an inked plate

 ∙ Drawing on paper on an inked plate

 ∙ Masking areas on a plate with solid shapes of paper cut outs

 ∙ Masking areas with a variety of textures of fabric and paper – net, lace, scrim etc

 ∙ Creating textures on an inked plate by adding or removing ink

 ∙ Experimenting with 2 and 3 colour prints

n.b. we will be using water based inks but it will still be messy so please bring an apron.
Any ideas, pictures, sketches for inspiration - Small amounts of fabric and paper of various textures,
also bubble wrap, cling film, Notebook/sketchbook and pencils, Newspaper/rags for cleaning up.


Sun 5th  May 2019 2pm-4pm

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


In advance of this year's Open Arts Trail (21st & 22nd September) we are holding a "Meet the Artists" session at our Station Gallery on Sunday May 5th 2.00 - 4.00 when you can share information, meet other artists, find out about available venues and get help with registration if needed. 


On behalf of the Trail Team I'm very pleased to tell you that registration for this year's Open Arts Trail is now open - see

As you will see we have a new website which we think is clear and easy to use, and registration is through Eventbrite which is straightforward and will be an enormous help to the organisers. 


We hope to see you there!


12-week course

Starts Wed 1stMay 2019, 10am-12am

George Eliot Hospital


Due to its popularity, we are  launching a new 12-week course in the fantastic Men in Sheds hub at the George Eliot Hospital.
A relaxed guided session open to men and women of all abilities.  Come along and learn new skills, have fun and make new friends.


To secure a place call Corinne on 07792 053757, or

Call the group on 07957 111508 to be met on arrival.



Mon 29thApr -  Sat 11th May 2019

The Station Gallery, Platform 1, Nuneaton Railway Station. 


A collection of art works with a mythology theme, (Folklore, fantasy)

By John E. Morgan.


Open daily from 10am.  (Excluding Sunday.)



10am-1pm Saturday April  27th 2019 

OSCA Centre, Owen Street, Atherstone CV9 1DG


The cost of the workshop is £25 which will include all materials and refreshments.

£10 deposit to be paid on booking.

There are a limited number of places available so early booking is recommended.


To reserve a place contact Sara Bishop:

07885 420129



Fri 26th April 2019 10am-1pm

Bedworth Arts Centre


£10 for Art Alert Members

£12 for Non Members Limited Numbers


Tel: 024 7664 3255



Mon 15th April 2019 10am-3pm

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Railway Station 


Come and have a go at creating a plastic dry-point plate and printing in two colours using our fabulous printing press.  Please bring lunch and any images that inspire you. 

We ask for a £5 donation to cover materials and refreshments. 

Spaces are limited so please contact Mel to book.



Sat 16th –  Sat 30th March 2019

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Railway Station


Please join us at The Station Gallery to celebrate our fun community project ‘Who I am Too’.  Visitors are invited to join in the project by designing their own mini wood-cut sheep to create a flock which will accompany our community sheep in this exhibition and on her future travels.  Our sheep needs a name! Suggestions are welcome at the exhibition and a name will be chosen on 30th March.  We look forward to welcoming you. (Private view Fri 15th Mar, 7-9pm.)


Exhibition Opening Times:


Wed     11am-3pm

Thurs   11am-3pm

Fri        11am-3pm

Sat       10am-4pm


For more info:

Ali 07976 895525 


Mar 9th– Apr 22nd 2019

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery




A major solo exhibition by contemporary landscape painter Lucy Fiona Morrison.




Art Alert members are invited to attend the opening at 10:30amon Saturday 9thMarch to celebrate over refreshments with me.




RSVP to 





3rd Monday of the month 10am-4pm

Station Gallery


I'm pleased to invite members to an exciting new series of workshops using our printing press at the Art Alert Station Gallery.
These will take place on the third Monday of every month from April onwards, but we are starting with an introduction to linocut on
Monday 4th March with Alisha Miller. For more information please contact each artist directly.

Dry Point : 15th April, 15th July

Mel Beech



Linocut : 4th March, 17th June, 16th Sept

Alisha Miller



Collagraph : 18th November, 16th December

Corinne Davies



Monoprint : 20th May, 19th August, 21st Oct

Anne Taylor



Workshops are limited to 8 people, booking is essential.

We ask for a £5 donation towards refreshments and materials.


Happy printing!


10am-12am Saturdays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd March 2019

The Station Gallery, Nuneaton Railway Station

You are invited to contribute towards creating a new public artwork.
Attend workshops (dates above) to complete the decoration of our community sheep,
responding to artwork designs created from art sessions within our community.
You are welcome at all or individual workshops.
Mixed media exploration, using acrylic paint to decorate the sheep.

Exhibition runs from 16-30th March 2019 at the Station Gallery.

Limited spaces, booking essential

Alison Woolacott
07976 895525


Every Thursday 7pm-9pm from 14th Feb 2019

Grendon Community CentreBoot Hill, Grendon CV9 2EL

Bring your own materials and projects and get creative whilst enjoying the company of like-minded people.


For more info, contact;

Heidi 07796 102785




6th-15th Feb 2019


Join us in a sketchbook challenge.!


There will be a daily prompt and then it’s up to you as to how you take the challenge up. Five minutes with a pencil, half an hour with a crayon… totally your choice. The point is to have fun sketching. Pam Hyams has started a WhatsApp group. This will be used to view and share progress. If you’re interested in being in the group, please let me know and I’ll pass your details to Pam. Posting your sketches on the group is entirely up to you. Pam will also be posting some pictures from the WhatsApp group onto the Open Art Trail Facebook page. If you’re happy for your work to be posted there, again please let me know.

We’ll have a Show and Tell at the next Art Alert meeting on Friday 1 March, so there’s plenty of time to catch up if you get behind by a day or two.





Day 1: something small 

Day 2: baking 

Day 3: doors 

Day 4: seaside 

Day 5: colour 

Day 6: textiles 

Day 7: what’s in front of you

Day 8: pond life 

Day 9: keys

Day 10: self-portrait



Tuesday 29th January 1pm-4pm
The Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station

Would you like to try making monoprints using our fab printing press?


We will be creating monoprints using a variety of techniques e.g.

Drawing directly onto an inked plate

Drawing on paper on an inked plate

Masking areas on a plate with solid shapes of paper cut outs

Masking areas with a variety of textures of fabric and paper – net, lace, scrim, etc

Creating textures on an inked plate by adding or removing ink

Adding colour with watercolours


n.b. we will be using water-based black ink but it will still be messy so -

Please bring an apron

Any ideas, pictures, sketches for inspiration

Small amounts of fabric and paper of various textures, also bubble wrap, cling film

Notebook/sketchbook and pencils

Newspaper/rags for cleaning up.


Spaces are limited.

Contact: Anne Taylor



Mon 28th Jan 2019 @ 10am

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


You will need…

Reference Animals
Thick Paper or Card
Magazines, Coloured Paper, Sweet Wrappings
PVA + Brush
Paint or Background Felt Tip Pen



We have lots to celebrate at the end of our 10th year. It will be fab to see you at any/all of these sessions.

For more info or to become involved, contact


Date                     Artist                           Activity                                  Time               Venue/Info

Tues 22nd Jan        Roger Elsegood          Pencil Drawing Class              1pm                 The Station Gallery

Wed 23rd Jan         Art Alert Members     Social Evening including        7pm-9pm        The Station Gallery

                                                                 Poetry, sketching, sharing                               Bring something for

                                                                 Ideas and excellent company                          the shared food table


Thu 24th Jan         Ali Woolacott/             Escape Thurs session              10am-1pm       Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre

                             Escape Arts                 Idea to design work                                         £5 donation for session + refreshment

                                                                 Mixed media                                                    donation. Materials provided


Fri 25th Jan            Claire Botterill           Watercolour workshop           10am-1pm        Bedworth Arts Centre

                                                                                                                                          £15 To book call 02476 643255


Sat 26th Jan           Pam Hyams                Sketchbook work                    10am onwards  The Station Gallery


Sun 27th Jan                                             Day of rest and reflection


Mon 28th Jan        Nadine Shaw              Collage work                           10am-1pm       The Station Gallery


Tues 29th Jan        Anne Taylor               Printing Press                           1pm-4pm         The Station Gallery

                                                                Experimental workshop


Wed 30th Jan         Art Alert Members     Still Life Social                        10am-4pm       The Station Gallery

                                                                 Informal workshop                                           Mixed Media/BYO art materials welcome


Thurs 31st Jan       Ali Woolacott/            Escape Thurs session               10am-1pm       Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre

                             Escape Arts                Idea to design work                                          £5 donation for session + refreshment

                                                                Mixed media                                                     donation. Materials provided


Fri 1st Feb             AA monthly                Members share their creative   10am-12am    The Station Gallery

                             Meeting                      skills with a show & tell finale


17 Nov–14 Dec 2018

Art Alert station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


Sculpture, Prints, Furniture


Opening Times;

Wed 10am-4pm

Thurs 10am-6pm

Fri 10am-6pm

Sat 10am-4pm

Sun 10am-4pm



To book call 07990 653017

Professional national and international artist Spencer Jenkins is best known for his amazing sculptures using willow and steel, including six magnificent arches at Windsor Castle - a gift for the Queen celebrating the 60th Coronation, the cover for Black Sabbath’s album 13 and furniture for gardens at Prince Charles’ residence Clarence House and The Chelsea Flower Show. This exhibition sees Spencer taking a new direction with his work, he is exhibiting a new collection of stunning prints developed using iPhone and iPad apps and a series of wood, steel and willow sculptures inspired by the digital images.  Spencer's solo show opened on Friday 16th November and Spencer will be at the gallery for the next month by appointment everyday and on site Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (see Opening Times above) - please pop in and see him if you are passing through Nuneaton Station.

Spencer Jenkins



7.00pm Tues 13th Nov 2018 

Art Alert Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station


The trail is over for another year and there is a lull between Halloween and Christmas so it’s the perfect time to invite you to join us for a Post Trail Gathering!  Feedback is always important for us and this is a chance to raise issues and share experiences.  We hope you will be able to join us.  If you are unable to make it, a brief email about how your weekend went i.e. venue/sales/visitors etc. would be most helpful.

Looking forward to meeting up on 13th.



The Open Arts Trail Team



All dates below are 1-4 pm at the Art Alert Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station – price £10.
He doesn’t teach the class together so it doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or can’t make every class.

  • Tues 6 Nov 2018
  • Tues 22 Jan 2019 
  • Tues 19 Feb 2019
  • Tues 19 Mar 2019
  • Tues16 Apr 2019
  • Tues 14 May 2019
  • Tues 11 Jun 2019



Art Alert held their monthly meeting at the Station Gallery, Trent Valley Station on Friday 2nd November.
Opening times for the gallery were discussed and it was agreed that the group would have set opening hours for members exhibitions which could be displayed clearly outside.

Members of Art Alert are invited to take part the Hope Festival, Abbey Theatre on 12th and 13th October 2019.  This two-day event is to celebrate the life of Dipak Patel, a volunteer at the theatre, who died suddenly. Several members are already planning to become involved with poetry reading, stitchwork and glass and the theatre is looking for members to participate with art displays and workshops.

Art Alert are delighted to hear that member, Nadine Shaw has been commissioned by the Mayor, Christopher Watkins to do a painting of St Marys Abbey Church, which will hang in the Town Hall.

Nadine has been a member of Art Alert for many years. After suffering a heart attack two decades ago that enforced early retirement, Nadine started to paint the landscapes that inspired her whilst touring in her caravan.  Nadine also belongs to Nuneaton and District Art Society as well as taking a class at Bedworth Art Centre.



29th Oct – 14th Nov 2018

Station Gallery, Platform 1 Nuneaton Train Station


Prints made by students from Hartshill School, Etone School and members of Art Alert, led by artist Alisha Miller and inspired by propaganda and publicity material created by the Arts Suffrage League (ASL) and the Suffrage Atelier (workshop) (SA).


Open Mondays 11am-2pm

Fridays 11am-2pm

Saturdays 10am-4pm


Funded by the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme



Platform 1, Nuneaton Train Station

Saturdays 10am - 3pm  (30 minute lunch)


£45 - payable in advance - to book contact me direct for BACS details or address to send cheque or bring cash to Station Gallery on Friday 5th October 11am.  A3 drawing boards, cartridge paper, pencils, charcoal and pastels, masking tape and some acrylics provided.  Bring your own watercolours, fine line pens, acrylics, watercolour paper/sketch books.  You can always bring your own materials to any class and work in a medium of your own choice. Below are the techniques I will teach on the day, we begin all sessions with quick warm up sketches.  Individual tutoring for all.


Saturday October 20th 2018

Large drawings - A2 - Pencil sketches, then charcoal onto white paper.  Please bring fixative or hairspray, I will supply large cardboard sheets as drawing boards, but if you have A2 drawing boards please bring you own and paper, you may want to bring an easel.


Saturday November 10th

B & W acrylic paints - you will need to pre stretch your paper or bring acrylic, watercolour or heavy duty paper. I can supply the acrylic, but if you want to bring you own you will need - viridian, crimson and white.


Saturday December 15th

Watercolour and line - you will need to pre stretch your paper or bring watercolour paper, you will also need fine line pens, watercolours, palette and sponge.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need more information. Call, text, email....




Kind regards


07876 118474


DREAMSCAPE Nightmare Vision

Oct 13th - 25th 2018

Art Alert Station Gallery, Platform 1 Nuneaton Train Station

Inspired by dreams, surrealism and gouache painting.

An exhibition of images by The Art School Art Class led by Alisha Miller.


Open 10am-4pm (Closed Wednesdays, Sundays & Sat 20thOct)


For more info, contact 07876 118474



22nd & 23rd Sep 2018



Saturday Sep 8th 2018
Nuneaton Train Station

Decorated benches will appear at Nuneaton station on Saturday 8th Sep 2018


Benches at Nuneaton train station are due a colourful transformation as part of a project run by local art group, Art Alert. Art Alert has used space at the station for exhibitions since 2017, is dedicated to getting local people involved in arts and crafts.  On Saturday 8 September, the group is holding an event called ‘Seats of Inspiration’, which sees Art Alert members and friends creating art to be displayed on train station benches for the day. The ‘guerilla-style’ project forms part of Art Alert’s 10thanniversary celebrations and is intended to capture the public’s reaction to unexpected pieces of art.  Members of the public are also being encouraged to participate in ‘Seats of Inspiration’. Budding artists can submit a piece of 2D or 3D artwork to be hung in the Station Gallery or can take part in a ‘decorate a chair’ session, which will run from 11.30am until 2.00pm on Friday 7 September.  The pop-up art event falls shortly before the 2018 ‘Open Arts Trail’, which showcases the work of artists and makers around Nuneaton and North Warwickshire. Francis Thomas, head of corporate affairs at West Midlands Trains, said: “Art Alert never cease to amaze and the group’s artistic contribution to Nuneaton station is always wonderful to see. “As a train operator, we want to forge close links with the communities across our network and our relationship with Art Alert just goes to show what can be achieved through collaboration and sharing of space and resources. ‘Seats of Inspiration’ is going to be a great event and we hope that passengers and the public are surprised and delighted by the work on show.” Art Alert has strong links with West Midlands Trains and breathed life into a formerly-disused waiting room at the station when it was turned into a public art gallery.

About Open Arts Trail

Open Arts Trail showcases artists and makers in and around Nuneaton and North Warwickshire, with exhibitions taking place on 22rd & 23rd September 2018.

The Trail presents a rich diversity of exhibited work and demonstrations, with original art work is for sale. For more information visit


12:30-2pm Thurs 6th September 2018

George Eliot Hospital, College St Nuneaton CV10 7DJ


Come and join us to celebrate the opening by the Mayor of Nuneaton
Chris Watkins of the Community Hub, housing Men In Sheds,
and view some of the hand-made bespoke woodcraft pieces created by them.


Refreshments, nibbles and cake will be available.

RSVP by 31st August 2018 to or 02476 153476



Wed 5th Sep 2018


Wed 22nd Aug - Tues 4th Sept 2018

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Train Station

All sorts of subjects painted for the sheer delight of it!

Pop in and chat about why I do and what I do and all that stuff!

Open times 9 till 5 on the dates above closed on 25th, 26th, 28th Aug and 2nd Sept 2018.


4th-25thAugust 2018

Various Nuneaton Allotments (see below)


Sat 4th Aug 10:00-12:00 Abbey Allotment Association, Vernon’s Lane

Sun 12th Aug 11:00-14:00 Shepperton Allotment Association off Caldwell Road

Sat 18th Aug 10:00-14:00 Aberdeen Allotment Association, Aberdeen Road

Sat 18th Aug 10:00-12:00 Ryder’s Hill Allotment Association, Ryder’s Hill Crescent

Sat 18th Aug 12:00-16:00 Greenmoor Community Allotment Association, Greenmoor Road

Sun 19th Aug 10:00-12:00 Higham Lane Allotment Association, Higham Lane

Sun 19th Aug 11:00-15:00 College Street Allotment Association, College Street

Sun 19th Aug 10:30-12:00 St Mary’s Allotment Association, St. Mary’s Road

Sun 19th Aug 10:00-12:00 Weddington Allotment Association, Shawe Avenue

Sat 25th Aug 10:00-12:00 Little Hoarstone Allotment Association, Kelsey Close


Art Alert members will be showing work and doing demos.

All sites will have light refreshments available.

Contact Eileen Young 07594 455393 for access for artists to visit to create art and display outdoors.

4th & 5th August 2018
Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

Free Entry

Over 200 artists demonstrating, selling and inspiring.
Captivating performances, creative workshops, delicious street food, amazing live music.

Download info

14th & 15th July 2018

Visual arts and crafts people interested in showing/selling their work - the closing date for entries is Friday, June 29th 2018.
Download an Entry Form here...

Please return your completed form as soon as possible to



July 13th & 20th 2018

Station Gallery – Platform 1 Nuneaton Train Station


10am – 12noon : design and drypoint

1pm – 4pm : printing


Your prints will feature in an exhibition at the Station Gallery Autumn 2018.


Art Alert are delivering a community project inspired by the propaganda and publicity material created by the Artists Suffrage League (ASL) and the Suffrage Atelier (SA); these were groups of artists who organised specifically for the purpose of providing visual materials for the suffrage campaign.


Note: You will need to book an all day session, or book one morning and one afternoon.


Places limited – book early – contact Alisha Miller direct...



9th - 27th July 2018

Atkins Building Hinckley

Atkins Gallery Open Exhibition returns this summer with a new brief to inspire local artists.


This year's theme is Portrait. Artists can submit up to three pieces for £12 (instructions on making the online payment is included in the pack) and artwork is to be submitted between 25th – 29th June and be collected after the exhibition between 31st July– 3rd August 2018.


More info at


Art Alert held their AGM at the Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley on Friday, 6th July. 

Roger Elsegood (Chairman), Pam Hyams (Committee member) and Anne Taylor (Secretary) have stood down and newly elected is Corinne Davies (Chair), Sadie Read (Secretary) and Ali Woolacott (Committee Member). Other posts will remain the same.  It was decided that meetings may be held on alternative mornings and evenings of the first Friday of the month as many members work and miss the opportunity to attend meetings.

The "Decade of Doorways" exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery has now finished and was a great success with many favourable comments from the visiting public.  Following this, on the Gallery Landing will be a solo exhibition by member Hilary Morris.


7th July - 16th September 2018 at 10:30 - 16:30

Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery, Riversley Park, Coton Rd, Nuneaton, CV11 5TU


There is still time to catch Hilary Morris's exhibition ‘Simply Coastal’ at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, which will be on show until 16th September 2018. The pictures are inspired by Hilary's visits to the British coast and her medium is pen and wash.  The work includes paintings of harbours, estuaries, beaches and boats from Devon and Cornwall to Norfolk, Yorkshire and Wales.


Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery


Sat 16th June 2018 11am-4pm

109a Cedar House, Earls Road, CV11 5HP



In the Garden of 109a Earls Road... What a brilliant day on Saturday! Despite a wet morning and a not very good forecast for the afternoon, 10 people showed up to join me in my garden for a day sketching au plein air.  The rain held off and we had enough bursts of sunshine to make it an altogether pleasant day. Fortified with numerous cups of tea and a general air of discovery and encouragement all the artists created sketches in a variety of media and with a variety of viewpoints.  Amazing how you can see your own garden in a different light through someone else’s eyes.



11 - 30 June 2018
Atkins Building Hinckley

The Graduate Show from students of North Warwickshire and Hinckley College at the Hinckley Campus who will have completed a BA Hons in Visual Media featuring 2D and 3D work in range of styles and mediums.




9th & 10th June 2018
The Dixie Grammar School Hall
Station Road, Market Bosworth

Now inviting submissions for an open art exhibition as part of the Market Bosworth Summer Festival.
More info and entry forms from:



Example WorkMarcus Jones MP attends the exhibition

Art Alert hosted a private viewing of their exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery on Friday evening 25
thMay, which was attended by the Mayor and Marcus Jones MP.  This was a chance for friends and family to have a preview of the exhibition that will be on until 8th July in the Yellow Gallery, and it was extremely well attended.  On Friday 8th June, some of the artists will be at the Museum at 11.00am to give the public a chance to meet and chat with them about their work.

The next event which Art Alert will be taking part in is the Open Arts Trail, 22nd and 23rd September and artists have just two weeks left to register.  There will be arts and crafts on display at different venues around the Nuneaton and Bedworth area.


Showcasing the Artist : Bermuda Art Club
This month we are featuring not an artist, but a group - Bermuda Art Club.  They meet every Tuesday at the Phoenix Centre, Bermuda Rd, from 11.00am to 3.00pm, and are a small friendly group of artists who draw and paint for pleasure.  The group provides a selection of materials and assistance to help members achieve their aims.  The artists practice their skills using watercolour, acrylics, gouache, inks and linocuts.  Refreshments are available or members can bring their own lunch.  The centre can be reached by no.17 bus or car.

Bermuda Phoenix Centre, Bermuda Rd, Nuneaton CV10 7HU

Roger Hart example workSue McCulloch example work









Saturday May 19th 10am - 3pm £50 Naked female model

10am - 11am - We will begin with a standing pose in pencil (45min + demonstration)

11am - 12noon - Seated pose in pencil/charcoal/pastel (45min + demonstration)

12 - 12.45 Lunch (45min minute lunch - please bring your own)

12.45 - 2.45pm - Reclining pose onto lounger draped in coloured fabric and backdrop using acrylic or watercolours


Monday 11th June 7pm - 9pm £20 Naked female model

A series of quick 20 second - 1 minute loose drawings in pencil

Seated pose - coloured pastels onto grey paper


Monday 25th June 7pm - 9pm £20 Naked female model

A series of quick 20 second - 1 minute loose drawings in pencil

Reclining pose in pencil or paint of your choice.


Equipment needed:

I have a selection of easels and donkeys - only enough for half a class- and i can provide A3 drawing boards and A3 cartridge paper, water pots, basic acrylic paints, pastels, brushes, charcoal and pencils.  Please bring your own watercolours and palettes.  You are always welcome to provide your own materials and if you want to work larger than A3 I can supply A2/A1 paper at cost price of 30p and 50p per sheet, please bring a large drawing board if you want to work bigger than A3.


Refreshment will be available throughout the day for a small donation.


Nearest Car park - Empire Gym (Free after 6pm)/ next to Dunelm car park.

ASDA (but only for 2 hours!)



Please email, text or call to book a place:

07876 118474


Sat 12th May 2018 10am-4pm

Bulkington Village Centre


An opportunity to just come along and browse some of the fantastic work this long-standing art group have produced and most of the art work displayed will be available for sale!


Contact: Roger Elsegood 024 7634 8307

Bulkington Village Centre, School Rd, Bulkington CV12 9JB



Art Alert held their monthly meeting at the Station Gallery, Trent Valley on 4th May at 10.00am.

Anne Becker confirmed that everything is in place for our second exhibition "A Decade of Doorways" at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery which starts on 26th May.

Alisha Miller confirmed that she is holding three life-drawing classes at the Gallery on Saturday, 19th May and 11th and 25th June.  For further details you can ring Alisha on 07876 118474.

Ali Woolacott and Tracy Swain had a very successful exhibition "A Splash of Colour" at the Gallery that attracted over 100 visitors.

Len Barnes told the group about a visit by officials from the rail franchise at Trent Valley who were impressed by the current exhibition and also with what Art Alert were doing generally with the premises.  It was thought that some signage and maybe window boxes could raise our profile and draw in more visitors.

Three members of "Stitches" have won Festival of Arts Awards and Debbie Squires was congratulated on winning a First.  Debbie is our first Member in a new feature of our Monthly News - Showcasing the Artist.


Showcasing the Artist : Debbie Squires

Debbie is an award-winning artist with a First Class Degree in surface decoration and PCG with Merit in Fine Art.  She was finalist in the HDTI Competition, Coventry and joint winner in the Volvo UK Design Competition (Textile Triptych for Corporate Interior).  Debbie has been a member of Art Alert for several years and was one of the artists on the "Godiva Wakes" project.  She describes her work as ‘awash with colour, texture and multi layers’ - and her work is not limited to any textile medium.  She likes to use an eclectic mix of materials mainly working to commission, from large pieces of wall art to elaborately decorated handbags.  Along with other artists, Debbie's work will be on display at the Heritage Centre, Coton Arches for their Open Arts Trail, September 22nd and 23rd. 10% of Debbie's sales will go to McMillan Nurses.  You can see more of Debbie's work on her website



Tues 24thApril 2018 1-4pm

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station


Then 4 weekly intervals.

£10 per person per session.

Friday 20th April 2018 7pm-11pm
Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre, Avenue Road, Nuneaton, CV11 4LU

Come and celebrate with your Art Alert friends.
Bring your nearest and dearest (& friends & family!) Live music by Andy Wolf.
No bar or catering so bring some food for a shared table & bring your own drink.

RSVP with numbers (just so we have a rough idea how many chairs & tables needed)



7th-21stApril 2018
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station

Celebrating the talent of local watercolour artists

Download poster here (PDF 884KB)

Meet the artists on Saturday 7thApril from 10am.

Exhibition open: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 12-4pm, Saturdays 10-2pm.

For further information, contact:

Tracey Swain 07525 805446

Ali Woolacott 07976 895525


26th March – 26th April 2018

Bedworth Arts Centre


The centres opening times are Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays - 9am till 2pm, Wednesdays 9am - 3pm, Fridays 9am - 10am, Saturday's 9am – midday.


All work is for sale. Andy is a local contemporary painter, and has appeared on Sky Art's channel last year. He gives workshops and tuition locally as well. Please get in touch if you need any further information

Wednesday 14th March 2018 7pm-9pm
(introduction to proportion, pencil drawing and/or charcoal - 1 standing pose) £20

Saturday 17th March 2018 10am-2pm
(introduction to proportion and mixing skin tones, pencil drawing, charcoal, watercolour or Acrylics - series of quick movement poses and 1 seated pose. £40

Held at the Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station. Refreshments available for a small donation - please bring you own lunch on Saturday.
Please call or email to book in advance (latest booking taken 1 hour before class) however spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
There will be a series of poses over the two days as not to repeat first session just in case anyone wants to book on both! I can supply pencils, charcoal and watercolours, A2 cartridge paper 20p per sheet, I have a small collection of brushes and water pots. I can supply acrylic paint but Primary colours only and white, however it's always best to bring your own materials and equipment if you have them.Please bring a Drawing board and easel if you wish to work larger than A4 - a putty rubber, a palette, a water pot, watercolour paper (if you prefer) and kitchen roll.
07876 118474

5th-16th March 2018
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station

Exhibition opening times;
Mondays & Wednesdays 10am-2pm
Tuesdays 10am-12:30am
Thursdays 10am-3pm
Saturday 10th March 10am-2pm

Women As We Are - FREE Workshop
8th March 10:00am-12:00am
Drop in and make a mini wire women sculpture


Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 1pm-3pm
Bedworth Arts Centre

Cost £10 members
£12 non-members

Book your place
Places are limited

Some images from the 10 days of art and craft events that launched Art Alert's 10th anniversary celebration.
(view quicktime movie here 12.4MB) 
(view lo-res PDF file here 1.8MB)

Nuno Felting Scarves


Six attendees came along and had a go at making felted Nuno chiffon scarves. We had a fun relaxed session agitating merino wool into beautiful chiffon scarves to produce some wonderful and interesting designs.

Art Alert workshop 18th FEB 2018

Myself and Ali organised a workshop exploring watercolour techniques that was suitable for adults and children. We used a theme of sunrises and sunsets so we could create some dramatic scenes. I brought photos taken of the sunrise at Hartshill and sunset photos from Wales. In the event we didn’t have any children but 5 adults, including professional and amateur artists came along to find out what was happening. One visitor was a local parent who brought her paintings in to show us, it was quite emotional for her it was the first time she’d shown her work to other artists. We gave her support and encouraged her to come along to an art alert meeting. Myself and Ali had an enjoyable afternoon playing with paint and it felt really worthwhile to be in the gallery so people could drop in and chat with other artists. We realised that because we had advertised it as a painting and children’s workshop that people may not have understood it was for all ages. There was a bit of learning for us there for the future.


Tracey Swain

9th - 18th Feb 2018
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station

Art Alert are hosting a
 10-day art & craft event 
to launch their 10th anniversary celebration.
Come and celebrate with Art Alert; 
join a workshop, meet the artists, try something new!

Cost: Free to attend drop-in workshops 
(Some workshops require material expenses). 
Different workshops hosted each day: See table below for schedule.

For more information please contact;

Download Flyer (Adobe PDF file 263KB)
Download the 
Event Schedule below (Adobe PDF file 297KB)





Other info 

Fri 9th

FEB 2018

Anne Taylor

Machine Sewing
MORS bags


Extra sewing machines appreciated

Sat 10th
Book Place

Corinne Davies
m: 07792 053757

Introduction to Wet Nuno Felting


£10 material cost
for chiffon/silk scarves

Sun 11th

Alisha Miller

Adult Lego



Mon 12th

In Stitches sewing group

Upcycled hand sewing: Green Hearts



Mon 12th

Anne Becker

Paper Marbling workshop



Tues 13th

Joanne Lole

Basic Mosaic workshop



Weds 14th

Claire Botterill

Painting demo/ workshop



Thurs 15th

Escape Arts

Introduction to
Hot Press workshop



Thurs 15th

Andy Sargent

Charcoal techniques workshop2



Fri 16th

Meet Art Alert members/
informal drop in

Members share their creative skills



Fri 16th

Sadie Read

Tea Bag Art workshop



Sat 17th
Book place: 

Debbie Squires
t: 02476 317055

Textile / mixed media workshop1


Bring own electric
 sewing machine,
drop feed dog & embroidery foot.
£5 material cost 

Sat 17th

Debbie Squires

Drop-in/ questions/ demo re above



Sun 18th

Roger Elsegood

Pencil sketching workshop



Sun 18th

Tracy Swain

Painting demo/ Children’s workshop



1 For participants on 'gathering memories' project. Absolute requirement - participants must have an electric sewing machine with drop feed dog and an embroidery foot. This is a taught session and will have a £5 fee per person. Sewing threads and some fabrics will be provided. We will be investigating printing, the use of bondaweb soluble film and 3-D free machine embroidery depending on time restrictions. I will be demonstrating various techniques throughout the day. You are welcome to carry on stitching till 3pm, but this session will be un-taught. Please respond by25th Jan. If over subscribed names will be drawn from a hat.

2 Kit requirement list for anyone who would like to attend. To take part, participants will need, Charcoal sticks/A3 or larger paper /putty rubber /Drawing board/ cotton wool or tissue paper/ hairspray to fix the work /paint brushes and an old jar to hold water in. I will bring extra items, and a roll of paper. We will be drawing a still life subject, but this is more about techniques and different ways of using charcoal to get certain effects. I'll pop this on the Art Alert Facebook page as well. 

Art Alert CelebrationDeb Squires Embroidery

Andy Sargent Landscape

Joanne Lole Glass

Tues 12th December 2017 1pm-3pm
Caldecote Village Hall

Making decorations or a contemporary willow wreath with professional willow artist Spencer Jenkins.

Cost £20

Bookings: 07990 653 017

Sat 9th & Sun 10th December 2017 10am-2pm
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station

An exhibition of work made by members of LoveLego Club.

LoveLego Club


25th November to 8th December 2017

Opening times 10am-2pm every Monday, Friday & Saturday
Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station.

A collection of paintings, drawings, mixed media and project work by the Art School Art Class, led by Alisha Miller at Caldecote Village Hall.

Meet the teacher - 10am - 2pm Saturday 25th November 2017.


Big Lottery Fund have recently featured our Celebration Tablecloth project
on their Facebook page 
(post here) and Instagram too (post here)
it’s received a lot of interest from the public!

Read all about the project
here (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file 6.6MB)

Thanks to the volunteers of Chilvers Coton Heritage Centre

Art Alert would like to share with you a 
slideshow (PDF document 6.6mb) of the Celebration Tablecloth Project.

Many lovely things happened as a result of this year long event, including friendships formed, community bonds strengthened, new experiences and skills acquired and improved communication/sharing across the project.

We thank Big Lottery Fund 'Celebrate ' for the funding to make this project possible, and most of all, we thank everyone who took part.

25th Nov 2017
The lucky winner of the draw for this years Open Arts Trail prize of £50.00 worth of art material was presented with his prize on Saturday, 25th November at Abbeycraft ArtWorld in Abbey St, Nuneaton.

The winner is Omkar Nashipudi, a budding young artist from Nuneaton who was celebrating not only his win, but also his 7th birthday falling on the same day!

Omkar enjoys drawing and painting flowers and his favourite colour is blue. He was given a helping hand on the day by his mum and dad and his sister who filled a shopping basket with various goodies from the well stocked store before being given an extra surprise birthday present of even more art products by Sam Hollis of Abbeycraft .

Also present to congratulate Omkar was Mike Quinn from the Open Arts admin team. Mike said ‘ It is always great to see youngster’s taking an interest in the arts and who knows, we may well see Omkar exhibiting his work in the future. We may need to look at a section dedicated to the work of children at next year’s trail which will take place on the 22nd and 23rd September 2018’.

Friday 24th November 2017 10am-6pm

Demonstrations at 10:30am and 2:30pm

See how Brian creates stained glass artworks. View ♯dolittleglass artworks and related products. Have a go at cutting glass. Drop in at any time for a view, chat and a coffee. Other drinks available.

Bungalow next to Old School
“Terriers” Hinckley Road
Burton Hastings
CV11 6RG

01455 220711 or 07734 363631

Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station

Four drop-in sessions...

Wed 15 Nov 10am-2pm
Thurs 16 Nov 10am-2pm
Thurs 23 Nov 10am-2pm
Wed 29 Nov 10am-2pm


Come and have a go - or just watch!


Sewing Exhibition poster10th, 11th & 13th November 2017 (10am-4pm) Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station
A showcase of local history & heritage inspired projects.  Plus the launch of their 'Green Heart' project.
For Info, contact: Corinne Davies Mob: 07792 053757

WordrobeMary Courtney WorkshopMary Courtney, artist and poet is holding free art/poetry workshops during Sep/Oct/Nov 2017 (See dates below) within Nuneaton area libraries as part of her “wordrobe” project. More info in this presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint file 4.8mb)

Nuneaton Library

Weds 20 Sept 2:30pm-5:00pm Masks (Emotion masks with poems on the back)
Tues 26 Sept 10am-1pm          Ties Love and freedom (Freedom theme for Nat Poetry Day)
Sat 14 Oct 10am-1pm              Drawing Poems to decorate inside the wordrobe
Thurs 26 Oct 10:30am-1pm      Masks (Emotion masks with poems on the back)
Sat 4 Nov 10:30am-1pm          Clothes Lines (Poems on clothes/other objects)
Sat 18 Nov 11am                     “Through the wordrobe” launch event

Bedworth Library
Tues 10 Oct 10:30am -1:30pm Poems on a Hanger
Fri 20 Oct 2:30pm-4:00pm      Clothes Lines (writing poems on clothes)

Atherstone Library
(To Be Confirmed)


10 artists will be exhibiting their work as part of the Open Arts Trail 2017.
23rd & 24th September 2017 between 10am and 4pm at Mary Ann Evans Hospice.
Download a flyer here... (Microsoft Word document 709kb)
Below are examples of some of the artwork that can be viewed on the Arts Trail:

Artist                          Venue

1. David Witcomb       The Heritage Centre, Avenue Rd, Nuneaton
2. Phil Page               Greenmoor Rd Community Allotments
3. Brian Dickinson       Ramsden Centre, Nuneaton
4. Becca Pullen           Nuneaton Railway Station Gallery

Open Arts Trail at Greenmoor Community Allotments

Nuneaton Heritage Centre


Art Alert met at the Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station at 10.00am Friday, 1st September 2017. There was a good attendance and most of the meeting was concerned with final arrangements for the Open Arts Trail to be held 23/24th September.

As last year's event was such a success, this year there are even more venues and more artists taking part. There are thirty two artists and ten art groups who will be exhibiting at twenty different venues around Nuneaton, Atherstone, Bedworth and Fillongley.  Trail maps are available from several venues including Nuneaton Library and Abbeycraft Arts. 

The Group welcomed a new member, Les Barnes. Les likes to paint outside, and it was on one of his painting trips at Trent Valley Railway Station that he popped into the café for a coffee and picked up one of our leaflets which led him to the group.

Several of the group have been successful with showcasing their work. Debbie Squires has just had a very successful exhibition called "Splendour of Stitch" in Lutterworth.  Becca Pullen has been travelling around Shropshire to promote her work and has several venues interested, including hotels in Ludlow, and Brian Dickinson will be producing work for a Space Conference in October. 

The Group are hoping they will be able to keep their premises at Nuneaton Railway Station as London Midland's franchise comes to an end in December. Everyone hopes the new train operating company will be as supportive as London Midland were.

Community Rail Awards Shortlist 2017

Read about Community Rail Awards here...

“SPLENDOUR OF STITCH” 15th - 19th August 2017
10:00am – 4:00pm Wycliffe Memorial Methodist Church, Bitteswell Rd, Lutterworth LE17 4EZ
Debbie Squires will be exhibiting some of her work. 


Art Alert held their monthly meeting, chaired by Roger Elsegood on Friday, 4th August.

The group were pleased that they now have another new venue for displaying members work which is the former café on Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station.

At the suggestion of member John Morgan it has been decided that every Friday of the month a "Drop In" session will be held for members from 11.00 am to 2.00pm.  Artists will be able to turn up, and bring their work if they wish, for coffee and a chat.  Everyone felt this was an excellent idea as members usually only got together for a more formal meeting.

Anne Becker, Exhibitions co-ordinator confirmed that Art Alert will be holding a group exhibition at the Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery next year from 26th May until 8th July.  The title of the exhibition will be "A Decade of Doorways" to represent the tenth anniversary of the group.  Following this, member Hilary Morris will be holding a solo exhibition "Simply Coastal" which will be from 7th July to 16th September in the Landing Gallery.

Work is ongoing for the group's next planned event - The Arts Trail, which will be bigger and better than last year.  It is planned to hold a "Meet the Artists" session at the Old Railway Gallery nearer the time of the event when the public can meet the artists, see some of their work and collect information and maps of the arts trail.

John Commane has his ceramic work on display at Meander & Mooch, a fascinating gallery in Newarke.  Becca Pullen has work on display in the Sock Gallery, Loughborough.

New member, Andy Sargent has taken part in one of the heats for Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.  Andy said that although weather conditions on the day were very challenging, he enjoyed the experience, especially meeting Frank Skinner!

Open Studios Scouts HutOpen-Studios-Cedar-House

PRESS RELEASE : ART ALERT A.G.M.  Fri 7th-Jul-2017
Art Alert held their AGM in the new premises at the Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station on Friday 7th July 2017.
Chairman, Roger Elsegood confirmed that in the group's tenth year, membership is growing and one of our great successes of last year was the Open Arts Trail, thanks to lots of hard work by member Pam Hyams. Two other events stood out, namely the exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery entitled "Where the Mood Takes Us" and the collaboration with London Midland, which commenced with an exhibition of work inspired by Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway. Taking over the old Station cafe has given the group a permanent site for future events, displays and workshops.

Members Nadine Shaw, Claire Botterill, Alisha Miller, Roger Elsegood and Sarah Bishop have all held art classes during the past year and three members. Hilary Morris, Claire Botterill and John Commane have had exhibitions at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. Also many members received awards at the Festival of Arts.
Treasurer Joanne Lole obtained funds for the "Celebration" project, which will be completed in October and has included Art Alert members, The Stitching Group, School groups and Escape Arts.

Two members, Anne Becker and Anne Taylor won awards for their work in the community as part of the Museum's centenary celebrations.

The next event planned is the Open Arts Trail in September. Following the success of last year's trail, this year's promises to the bigger and better with even more venues.

At the moment there are still displays of member's work at George Eliot Hospital Outpatients, Abbey Gate and the Mayors Cafe.

Finally new member, Andy Sargent was introduced to the group. Andy has exhibited at Leamington Spa Open Exhibition and he describes his work as initially appearing abstract but to him it is not. He formulates subjects into forms and colour in a non-traditional sense. Each work is totally unique in its appearance.

As Art Alert is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the meeting closed with a buffet.

Students from Etone College along with Art Teacher Hollie Palmer and Mayor of Nuneaton

Nuneaton celebrating Art Alert's adoption of the station

Etone students explain how they designed their artwork
Mayor and Consort with Nuneaton Artist Gemma Brown and adopter Corinne Davies

Etone College students detail


The group met at their new venue - the Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station.  It was a lively meeting with the accompaniment of passing trains to add to the atmosphere!

The first exhibition at the gallery has gone well with a good footfall and lots of interest in the new premises. Art Alert have lots of plans for future use including the Open Studios in September and future workshops. Several other groups in the area have expressed an interest in using the Gallery for their own displays.

On Friday 12th May, Neil Bamford, Asset Maintenance Director for London Midland Rail visited the gallery and was impressed by what Art Alert had achieved in a short time.

The group welcomed four new members, Beverley Jenkins, a potter, Brian Dickinson who works in stained glass, Georgina Burton, an artist and Heidi Kind who works in mixed media.

Member, Claire Botterill has an exhibition on the Landing Gallery at Nuneaton Museum called " Seed Heads Revisited". The exhibition starts on 20th May and Claire's beautiful paintings, all inspired by seed heads in her garden, can be seen until 2nd July.

Alisha Miller will soon be making a start on a large mural on the outside wall of Stockingford Pavilion, which was instigated by Bill Olner.


Art Alert, held a preview evening on Friday, 21st April 2017 for their new exhibition "ON TRACK" in new premises at the Station Gallery, Nuneaton Trent Valley Railway Station.

Community Rail is a Government strategy supported by the rail industry that engages with residents, schools, business and local authorities to improve the railway for commuters.

Roger Elsegood, Chairman of Art Alert, welcomed everyone to the preview which was extremely well attended by some of London Midland Rail management who had travelled up from London. Also present was Faye Lambert, Head of Community Rail and the Mayor, Jill Sheppard together with artists, friends and families.

Artists took their inspiration from Trent Valley Railway Station and there is a varied selection of work including paintings, glass and pottery. "Men in Sheds", a group linked with Art Alert, worked very hard to a tight schedule to make all of the display stands in time for the opening. Men in Sheds meet twice a week at premises in George Eliot Hospital to socialise and learn new woodworking skills.

The exhibition is the first of hopefully many more events at the Station and Members are looking forward to opportunities their future connection with London Midland Rail will bring.


Art Alert met at the Attleborough Arms on 7th April for their monthly meeting.  As it is the 10th anniversary of the forming of the Group members decided to apply for a second exhibition at the Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery.

Art Alert members Anne Becker and Anne Taylor have both received awards from Nuneaton Museum, as part of their centenary celebrations. The rewards are for their voluntary work within the community including Art Alert.

John Commane, potter, is taking part in Leamington Studio's Artists Exhibition at Jephson Gardens. The exhibition runs from 5th April to 30th May from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

The group welcomed two new members, Tracy Swain who paints watercolour landscapes and Alison Woolacott, a fine artist who has given up work to concentrate on her art.  She has a background in conceptual art and is now using acrylics and working on projects with dementia sufferers.

Work is ongoing to the Group's new exhibition space at Room 6, Trent Valley Railway Station, Nuneaton.  The exhibition entitled "On Track" (example work pictured below), inspired by the station, commences on Saturday, 22nd April at 11.00am and will be opened by Marcus Jones MP.  Work will be on display for three weeks on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00am to 3.00pm. Following on from the exhibition will be a Station project involving Etone School and Kegs College, organised by Art Alert member Corinne Davies.  Students will be producing artwork for display in two station waiting rooms.

Future meetings of the group will be held at Room 6, Trent Valley Station, 11.00am on the first Friday of the month.


Art Alert held their monthly meeting at the Attleborough Arms on Friday, 3rd February.

Following the success of their exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, Art Alert congratulated members who were awarded seven prizes in the Arts Section of the Nuneaton Festival of Arts. Winners were Nadine Shaw, Pam Hyams, Lin Goodwin, Roger Elsegood and John Morgan who received 1sts, Merits and a 3rd between them.  Lin Goodwin was also awarded the Frances L Fawcett award.

The Group are also forming a connection with London Midland Rail.  Art Alert is to be given funding for the use of the old café room on platform one of
Nuneaton railway station to be used for exhibitions and workshops.  The railway station is an iconic part of Nuneaton's history and the group are delighted to be involved.  Railway enthusiasts will be pleased to know that It is hoped to hold a railway themed art exhibition by late April.

As last year's Open Arts Trail was so popular, the group are planning their second event to be held on 23rd/24th September 2017. This year it is hoped there will be even more venues, including Nuneaton Railway Station and extra venues in Bedworth.

Anyone interested in joining Art Alert can contact them through facebook, find details on the contact page of this website or join them for one of their informal meetings at the Attleborough Arms every first Friday of the month at 11.00am.

Saturday 17th Dec 2016 to 22nd Jan 2017 in the Yellow Gallery

Art Alert held a Launch Party for the Group's exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery which commenced on 16th December.  The Launch was attended by the Mayor, Jill Sheppard and her consort Bill Sheppard, Councillor Neil Phillips, County Councillors Bob Hicks and Corrine Davies, and Maxine Tuffin from WCAVA.  Also many of the artist's friends and family came for a first view of the exhibition "Where the Mood Takes Us".  Visitors are invited to walk around the exhibition which will take them through many moods and emotions, from the darkness into movement and finally into calm and tranquillity. All of these emotions are depicted by paintings, glass and pottery.  More than twenty talented artists, professional and amateur, have their work on show in this second exhibition to be held at the Museum by the group.  The majority of the work is for sale, and can be viewed until Saturday 21st January 2017.  This will be the end of a very successful year for Art Alert, despite losing their pop-up gallery earlier in the year due to the closure of the Co-op. They now have a regular meeting place at the Attleborough Arms and have work permanently on display at the Peoples Cafe, Bedworth, George Eliot Hospital Outpatients and Abbey Gate.  Art Alert were part of the Nuneaton Lives celebrations in July, and hosted their very first Open Arts trail in September, which was a resounding success, with many visitors at various venues around the district. The group are hoping that this will become an annual event. In addition to this the group has hosted community events, many in conjunction with "Escape Community Arts".  Art Alert is always seeking new members and anyone interested in joining can contact the Group by visiting their web site, visit their Facebook page or simply come to one of their informal meetings which are held every first Friday of the month, 11.00am at the Attleborough Arms.

 Mayor attends exhibition launch


Art Alert Xmas Lunch 2016Art Alert met for their annual Christmas lunch at the Attleborough Arms on Friday, 2nd December and enjoyed good food and a lively atmosphere.The Group have been busy finalising work for their exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition starts on the 17th December and runs till 22nd January. Entitled "Where the Mood takes us"; visitors are invited to explore the way in which they can have an emotional response to the artwork on display. There will be a large variety of work to see, including paintings, ceramics, textiles, pottery and glasswork.

Also on display at Bedworth Art Centre, is a selection of paintings by Art Alert member Nadine Shaw. Nadine uses a variety of mediums, and her work will be on display until the end of December.



Nuneaton had its very first Open Arts Trail on the weekend of 24th and 25th September 2016 and everyone agreed it was a resounding success with lovely weather and a great amount of interest. Local artists group Art Alert, along with other artists, used various venues around the local area and opened their own homes, gardens and studios to members of the public for two days with many of the works on display for sale. Visitors were able to follow a trail map and visit up to thirteen venues including The Heritage Centre, Scout Headquarters, Greenmoor Road Allotment Pavilion and St James Church.  A rich diversity of work was on display including paintings, ceramics, textiles, stained glass, wood turning and jewellery. Everyone on the trail was able to see artists doing demonstrations, and homemade cakes and soft drinks were available at many of the venues. Footfall was measured, and the amount of visitors surpassed all expectations. This is an event that will definitely be repeated.


Art Alert held their monthly meeting at The Attleborough Arms on Friday, 2nd September.

Member Claire Botterill is delighted to be informed that her painting "Glasgow School of Art" has been selected for this year's Open Exhibition of the Society of Graphic Art at the Menier Gallery, Southwalk, London. Claire is an established fine art artist whose work includes landscapes and floral studies in a wide variety of mediums. Most of meeting was spent discussing the Open Arts Trail in which Art Alert is heavily involved.  The Arts Trail, a first for this area, takes place on the 24th and 25th September and talented artists will be showing their original work at venues across the region, including Bedworth Arts Centre, Nuneaton Heritage Centre, Nuneaton Scout Group Headquarters and Greenmoor Road Community Allotments.  Also various artists will be opening their homes and studios to the public. Trail maps are available from Nuneaton and Bedworth Libraries, Town Hall, Abbeycraft or can be downloaded from This promises to be a wonderful event, and several of the venues will also be offering refreshments.

24th & 25th September

Download brochure & map here.

For more info contact:
02476 735878

Hello Artists!

Local artists are invited to take part in an exciting Nuneaton Arts Trail to take place on September 24th & 25th 2016 in several venues in the area.  The Trail is open to friends and partners as well as Art Alert members and we aim to include a wide variety of 2D and 3D work. We have several artists who are opening their houses and gardens for the event from Fillongley to Bedworth, plus the Heritage Centre, George Eliot Hospital and Greenmoor Road Allotment Shed.

Do you have a home studio you would like to share? Are you part of an art group who could put on a display of work?  Would you be interested in joining another artist to show a contrasting selection of work? Warwickshire Open Studios are supporting this Trail and we will be producing quality flyers and PR materials, which with good local press coverage and extensive networking will ensure local coverage and good attendance.

If you would like to join in with this ground breaking opportunity to put local art and artists on the map please contact us at  or call 02476 741276 with expressions of interest ASAP.  A kick off meeting has been arranged for Friday 29th April 11:00 at the Attleborough Arms, Highfield Rd, Nuneaton CV11 4PL - so please join us then.


Lin Goodwin is a valued member of Art Alert, who is always involved in exhibitions and community events and maintains the group's Facebook site.

Songbirds by Lin Goodwin1914 Gregoire

She is delighted to be featured in the website and one of the paintings which can be seen is " Songbirds",  a mixed media picture in pastels and coloured pencils. Lin works from photographs and recently became interested in bird watching and this painting is one of the results.

Lin is a self-taught artist and she uses art as a therapy which helps with her poor health and disability.  Although she is proficient in many different mediums, her favoured one is coloured pencils and she is a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society. Her favourite subjects are vehicles and animals. Lin had her first solo exhibition at Bedworth Arts Centre in 2012 and as well as exhibiting with Art Alert, also shows work regularly at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. She won a First Prize at this year's Festival of Arts with a pastel drawing of two lions entitled "Happy Couple". Lin has work on display all around the world including USA, Canada, France and Spain.

Local artist's group, Art Alert were delighted to be part of Nuneaton Lives on Saturday and luckily, there was only one downpour to contend with.

"The TreacleTarts' " stall was very popular as they were selling delicious home made cakes, and "Men in Sheds" were displaying their handmade wooden goods such as bird boxes, mug trees, wooden owls and garden ornaments. Art Alert had a varied display of members’ paintings and pottery for sale.

Art Alert member, Pam Hyams is busy organising an exciting "Open Arts Trail" to take place 24/25th September. Talented local artists, professional and amateur will be sharing their works in their own studios, Scouts HQs, an Allotment Pavilion, The Heritage Centre, halls and their own homes. Most of the work will be for sale and light refreshments available at some of the venues.

Anyone interested can obtain more information from


Art Alert Display in Abbeygate, NuneatonExample work by Art Alert member Nadine Shaw is on display in the Abbeygate Shopping Centre in Nuneaton.



Hilary Morris Exhibition at Nuneaton Art Gallery

Hilary Morris - Coastal Moorings
9 April - 5 June 2016
Landing Gallery
Nuneaton & Bedworth Museum & Art Gallery
Riversley Park, Nuneaton, CV11 5TU

Hilary returns to Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery to present a selection of 'pen and ink' and colourwash pieces.
Pictures depict different boats on different beaches and harbours. There will be artwork for sale in this show.


Nadine Shaw Exhibit at GEHHilary Morris Exhibit

Art Alert met at their new venue, the Attleborough Arms, at the beginning of the month and members were asked if they could donate a piece of work for a Fine Art and Illustration Auction at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry. The organiser, Emma Phillips had helped at the Art Alert Gallery and also with "Escape" - a group linked with Art Alert, as part of her work experience. 
Several pieces were donated and the Auction held on Friday 11th March was a great success, with all proceeds going towards funding an "End of Year Degree Show. There has been a change of work on display at George Eliot Hospital Outpatients, and member Nadine Shaw now has a varied selection of paintings on show. Member, Hilary Morris will be holding her fourth exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. The display is entitled Coastal Moorings, and is a collection of pen and watercolour paintings inspired by Hilary's love of the British coast. The exhibition commences on 9th April and work will be on display until 5th June.

WORLD WAR 1 Project

Listen to a Radio Interview about WW1 memories here